Spring have been in operation since 2007 providing quick, simple, and guaranteed home-buying solutions. With over 15 years in the industry, and decades of experience collectively within the team, Spring know a thing or two about property. Our customers and partners know they can rely on Spring to deliver the speed, certainty, and guaranteed sale they need, when they need it.

Selling a property is renowned for being stressful and often appears in the top 10 stressful life event listings. So, no matter what Spring solution is chosen, our customer centric approach and personalised guidance throughout, ensures a home selling journey for our partners and customers that is simple and stress-free.

And, if our Home-Buying, Part-Exchange or Chain Repair solutions aren’t quite right for you or your customers, and listing a property via the traditional estate agency route is the preferred way to sell, our Managed Sale Service available exclusively to our Spring partners, could offer the ideal solution.

Here we explain the process and explore the pros and cons of a Managed Sale, so you have all the information if you’re considering using the service as part of your sales toolkit.

What is a Managed Sale?

A Managed Sale is a hassle-free solution for any homeowner who wants to sell their property via an estate agent, but doesn’t want, or have the time to manage the sale themselves.

How does a Managed Sale work?

Instead of the homeowner doing all the leg work, Spring will take over the process of selling the property. Working with our trusted partners, Spring will deal with the estate agents and make all the necessary arrangements from start to finish. Our expertise in this area allows us to pick the most suitable agent, get better sales outcomes and aim for quicker completion times, leaving homeowners free to plan their onward move easily and stress-free.

What are the benefits of a Managed Sale?

Working in partnership with our panel of over 2,500 of the UK's leading estate agency branches, we will arrange valuations with up to 3 agencies that have the best local area knowledge and experience with your customers property type. Once agents are instructed, we do everything the home sale needs. We manage the preparation of the listing and drive the agents to generate proceedable viewings to ensure the right buyers are seeing the property. Our experienced team present and negotiate offers, ensure all offers are financially qualified, and arrange all legal and conveyancing - we do it all, leaving your customer to focus on the move ahead.

How does a Managed Sale compare to other methods of selling a property?

Once the best offer is accepted for your customers property, the Managed Sale service can reduce the time it takes to complete the home sale thanks to Spring's specialist team of conveyancers and surveyors who work at pace to complete the sale as quickly as possible.

Is a Managed Sale suitable for everyone?

Depending on circumstances, the reason for sale and the type of property your customer is selling, a Managed Sale can work very well, especially if customers wish to get full market value, not in a rush to sell or don’t have an onward purchase lined up. And, as Spring manage all the ‘nitty-gritty’ on your customers behalf, it can remove many of the hurdles and stresses often associated with selling a property.

As with all services, there are some general pros and cons, so it’s important your customers understand a few key points about the Managed Sale service:


  • Knowledge – we will pick the best agents in the area for the specific property in question.
  • Ease – we will arrange all that’s needed for listing and negotiate all offers.
  • Convenience – we will keep you and your customers updated at every stage and manage progression of the sale.


  • Time – your customers don’t know how long it will take to find buyer or when the sale will complete.
  • Certainty – your customers sale is not guaranteed, a buyer could still pull out and the chain break down.
  • Costs – your customers could be out of pocket if the chain breaks and have already paid for surveys.

As we’ve discussed, using a Managed Sale service can ease the stress of selling a property compared to customers managing their own sale, taking away a lot of the headaches. However, it’s important to remember that a Managed Sale isn’t suitable for every homeowner, especially those who may need to prioritise speed, require a guaranteed sale, or want a choice of completion date to suit the onward move. Unlike Spring’s Home-Buying, Part-Exchange and Chain Repair solutions, a Managed Sale won’t prevent buyers pulling out, chains breaking down and your customers having to start the process all over again.

Making the move?

If you’ve reviewed all our solutions and are not sure which one is right for your customers or business needs, just give our friendly team a call on 020 8629 7877 or email us at: [email protected]