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At Spring we are revolutionising the way people sell their home with our “we buy any house” service. Our “we buy any house” service gives you the freedom and certainty you crave when selling a property that you might not get with an estate agency. As the UK’s leading homebuyer, we remove the hassle and stress associated with selling a property on the open market, so you can take the next step of your life with ease, speed and confidence. Our property experts are on hand to work with you through the process, making it as simple and stress-free as possible.

Unlike an estate agent, Spring buys your home. Our home buying service allows you to be in control of your home sale and move on a timescale to suit you. We buy any house in the UK, in any condition. Your comfort is our main priority which is why there are no viewings, no need for home improvements and no risk of your sale falling through. Your quick and easy sale will be managed by a dedicated Spring property advisor, who will be by your side every step of the way providing the help and support you need through the home buying process.

How Do Spring Buy Your House?

After contacting Spring, you will receive a free home valuation which is based on a remote review of your property by two of our experienced property buyers. In addition to our team, we will also factor in the reviews of 1-2 local estate agents and an on-site visit by a surveyor from the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). This ensures that you get the most fair and realistic property valuation and not one that is judged off of one person’s opinion. We also make it our duty to share our methodology with you so you can see how we arrived at the value.

Once the property has been valued, you will receive a formal and free cash offer from our team. Our offer is inclusive of our home buying fee so there is nothing else to pay. With no hidden fees, all of our pricing is totally transparent and shared with you. We understand that many people looking to a “we buy any house” service could be under some financial hardship; that is why we provide a transparent service throughout. What’s more than that, there is no obligation with our cash offer; you are free to reject it until the day of the exchange.

If you accept, the Spring team will continue with the process in as little as seven days (or in a timeframe that best fits you). We offer a guaranteed sale and to have the money in your account in no time.

For more information regarding your property valuation, you can use our Spring Offer Calculator.

Should I use a “we buy any house” service?

One of the key factors in wanting to sell your house fast is usually time constraints. This may be because of financial issues that you want to address quickly or perhaps you are relocating due to a new job. Regardless of your reasons to sell your house, you always have the option of utilising a “we buy any house” service.

If there are no time constraints and you are not in a rush to sell your house, then the open market may be a preferred option as you may have the chance to get more than your market value as well as not feel the pressure to get everything in order ahead of moving out.

But if time is of the essence, utilising a “we buy any house” service can give you both a guaranteed sale and a time frame that works for you.

Why use Spring’s “we buy any house” service?

With well over a decade of experience in the industry and with buyers that have worked alongside thousands of homeowners, Spring are property experts at the forefront of UK homebuyers. Our extremely thorough home valuations incorporate data from multiple internal and external sources. We have extensive experience buying properties of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK, so you can be assured our pricing is fair, accurate and transparent.

Our all-inclusive service is backed by our Spring Price Promise, ensuring peace of mind so you can be sure you are getting the best price your home deserves.

As our home buying fee is an all-inclusive price, you know exactly what price your home will get and when you will receive your proceeds. In addition to that, once you have received your free cash offer, you are under no obligation to accept and can call the process off up until the day of the exchange, not keeping you in any estate agency contract.

Our home buying fee includes all solicitor, legal and conveyancing costs.

We pride ourselves on our fully transparent pricing, sharing all documents with you in your personalised message centre from our valuation to your free cash offer. Your dedicated property advisor is on hand whenever you have any questions or queries relating to your sale. Our mission from the onset is to make your house sale simple, easy and stress free.

Spring will buy your home, no matter its condition. You do not need to undertake any home improvements, painting or DIY prior to sale, saving you valuable time and the added expense.

When you buy or sell your house, you become part of a chain. Property chains are notoriously volatile and can easily break, resulting in great stress and potential financial devastation for those involved. When selling to Spring, we remove the pit falls associated with selling on the open market. Spring do not rely on other lenders or brokers as we have our own extensive funding pool, so our offers are guaranteed and will not fall through.

You choose the completion date of your home sale, putting you firmly in control.

Benefits of using a “we buy any house” service

In addition to the speed and practical benefits, there are a number of benefits of using a “we buy any house” service such as what Spring offer. As we mentioned, they are typically utilised for people in a difficult financial or familial situation. At Spring, however, we buy any house regardless of situation or location with a guaranteed completion date in a time frame that works best for you.

If you incur a sizable financial penalty and your best solution to fix it is to sell your house, you would not have to worry about going through the tiresome journey of staging your home, having viewings, waiting for an offer and that offer possibly falling through. Spring’s “we buy any house” service gives you the guarantee of the money in your account in as little as seven days in order to take care of your financial situation.

We have written before about how to avoid repossession with a home buying service. The “we buy any home” service that Spring offers means that even if you are facing repossession, we will still buy your property.

In the unfortunate possibility of a loved one or relative passing away, you may find yourself as the person responsible for paying the mortgage on their home on top of your own. Being able to quickly offload this responsibility can save you a lot of added strain in an already difficult time.

Splitting assets during a divorce or a general relationship breakdown can make an uncomfortable situation even more strenuous to deal with. With our “we buy any home” service, the biggest issue of “who gets the house” is addressed fairly and efficiently.

Even if you are not necessarily in a rush to move, you can still bypass the long and drawn out experience of listing your property on the open market. Our research has shown it can take eight and a half months and 18 viewings before a sale is completed on a house. Avoiding the ongoing battle and mystery of whether you will get an offer is taken away by Spring’s “we buy any house” service, with eight and a half months being shortened to as little as seven days.

Potential worries with “we buy any house” companies

There are, naturally, a number of questions and concerns that people may raise when approaching other “we buy any house” companies.

Some “we buy any house” companies may make one valuation to raise your interest and then drastically lower it just before the sale goes through. Others may simply pick a number that suits them.

Our valuation is based on a number of our expert appraisals as well as third party valuations from other estate agents as well as members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. We also share all of the details and findings with you in order for you to see how your valuation was calculated.

While some home buying services will leave you with a much higher bill than you were anticipating, Spring remain transparent from start to finish, keeping you updated with every development. A part of that is knowing what you are paying and when; our one off fee is taken as a percentage of your property valuation and that covers all legal fees, agency fees etc.


Being tied into a contract for longer than you want to be can be irritating at the best of times and costly at the worst. From ongoing fees to clauses that stop you from approaching other services, getting stuck in an agency contract can make a stressful situation so much worse.


With Spring, our process is very quick and designed to be as stress free as possible. Even once you have received your cash offer, you are able to pull out or cancel the process up until the day of completion with no cancellation fee or penalty.


As members of the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers), we are dedicated to the customer and to solving the challenge of selling a home. If you have any questions regarding Spring’s process, get in touch with a member of our team today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding selling your property.

How do ‘Spring’ compare to other selling methods?

Using our home buying service has many advantages over selling on the open market via a traditional estate agent. You remove the endless stream of viewings, offers potentially falling through and most importantly you know when your sale will complete and at what price.

For added peace of mind, our Spring Price Promise ensures you get the best price your property deserves. In addition, our Spring Secure feature allows you access to your property for up to 14 days post completion, allowing you the extra time needed during these unprecedented times to safely plan and carry out your onward move.

Visit our pricing page to see our comparison table on how a Spring sale compares to an estate agent sale and an auction sale.


Yes, Spring can buy your house quickly so you don’t fall behind any further into debt. If you are in arrears or facing repossession, Spring will still provide you with a free cash offer ahead of going through our Home Buying process.

As you are in control, you choose the competition date to suit your timescale. We can even purchase your property in as little as seven days should you need us to. You will be able to sell your house fast with minimal stress.

After establishing the market value of your property, Spring’s process involves buying the property outright. The fee for this is deducted from the total market value. On average the fee is 9% of the market value. This cash offer covers any legal fees, conveyancing fees etc. We keep you updated with everything from start to finish and this includes the value we come to as well as how we got there.

Your free home valuation is based on a remote review of your property by two of our experienced property buyers. After our team, we will also factor in the reviews of 1-2 local estate agents as well as an on-site visit by a surveyor from the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). This ensures that you get the most fair and realistic property valuation and not one that is judged off of one person’s opinion. We also make it our duty to share our methodology with you so you can see how we arrived at the value.

Yes, absolutely. Spring will contact your mortgage provider and let them know Spring are buying your house. This ensures you have the ‘breathing space’ you need whilst the property purchase goes through allowing you to pay off your debt with the proceeds of your property sale.

After we receive your details, one of our Property Advisors will call you within 24 hours to confirm details about your home and to explain our process if you choose to proceed. For more about selling your home to Spring view our FAQS.

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