Spring’s approach to our Part-Exchange (PX) or Home Buying Service is unique in the industry. We operate as much as advisors as we do as Home Buyers. We believe we can only offer the best service if we understand your company’s process and make PX a seamless part of that journey.

With £300 million in annual home buying capacity, we are the largest and most dependable Home Buyer in the industry. Our developer-partners need to be 100% certain their clients will receive the price they expect on the date they specify. Our entire operation is built to deliver that specific requirement.

Our PX/House Buying Service operates on three fundamental convictions:

Our PX/House Buying Service operates on three fundamental convictions:


Every property developer we work with is unique and requires a tailored solution


We must operate with the strictest customer service guidelines to preserve and enhance our property developer partner’s brands.


Our job is to make your job easier – we continue to innovate to that end, reducing the time and effort needed by our partners to implement to a successful PX/Home Buying Service offering.



We have over £300 million of capital available to buy properties. These funds are managed at our discretion, so we never need approval from lenders or third parties before buying. We act quickly and having agreed a price, we always deliver.


Our valuation team price thousands of properties every year, all over the country and in any condition. No matter what state it’s in, if it’s for residential use in the United Kingdom, we can make an offer on it within days.


Our property management team acquire, manage and sell hundreds of properties each year. So, they’re adept at identifying the maximum value that can be added to any given property – either through refurbishment, development or improvements. Which in turn lets us offer our partners the maximum realistic amount for their properties.


Through the execution of over 700 transactions and counting, we’ve forged a deep working relationship with our conveying solicitors. It means we’re able to complete full property due diligence in a fraction of the normal time, typically completing on a purchase within a week of the client accepting our offer.

Customized Customer Experience

We can be as involved as you need. For some of our developer-partners we speak directly to their client, for others we speak only to the sales advisor, who keeps the client updated. If you would like your own sales advisors to handle the client, Spring will prepare Home Buyer Service educational events at your development locations, with our Relationship Manager tailoring training to your sales advisors’ needs and experience.

Tailor-Made Marketing

Concise and practical information on your service can help improve conversions. We have a library of marketing options, including brochures and video that we can fully customise for your events and needs.