No, Spring do not purchase commercial properties, or properties that are classed as mixed use, ie: combination of residential and commercial.

No, our home buying fee is deducted from the proceeds of the sale of home upon final completion, so there is nothing to pay upfront or during the process.

Spring will provide a ‘license to occupy’ so you can access your property for up to 14 days post completion to make your onward move with less stress and time constraints.  

No, Spring cannot purchase your property without an EWS1 form.

No, we never ask you to sign a contract. The only paperwork you would need to sign ithe legal paperwork associated with selling a property at the point of exchange

By accepting a formal offer from Spring, you consent to us pre-marketing your property for re-sale. Your Property Advisor can advise you on what pre-marketing involvesor head over to the terms and conditions page for more detailed information. Usually our customers find it relatively simple and unobtrusive and it is one of the reasons we can pay more for your property than any other home buying service. 

We can work to your timeline and can complete the home buying process in as little as 7 days. Typically most customers want to complete in 1 – 2 months to allow them to plan their onward move. 

At this time, Spring do not purchase retirement apartments. We recommend you contact your retirement community/village operator who can best advise on how you can sell your apartment.

As the UK's largest property buyer, Spring offer extremely thorough and robust pricing that ensures you get the best price your home deserves. Furthermore, we are proud to offer our Spring Price Promise which gives you additional peace of mind that the price we pay will be fair, accurate and transparent. Chat to our friendly team to find out more about our Spring Price Promise.

Please contact us to find out how Spring's bespoke home buying service could be tailored to meet your individual needs.
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