Spring is proud to support Restart Lives – a charity striving to empower and change the lives of those who are homeless. The team at Spring want to make a difference and provide hands-on help for those that seek the services of Restart. Our ethos at Spring is to always help, to always be empathetic and have a ‘we’ll find a way’ attitude.

Who are Restart Lives?

RESTART LIVES (commonly known as RESTART) help London’s homeless break the cycle of homelessness, to move from the streets, confront the issues obstructing their futures and return to society, feeling more empowered and resilient.


Restart staff and volunteers assist guests in securing accommodation, finding employment, improving social relationships, mental health and well-being, and developing the confidence and readiness to return to independent living.


The principles underpinning the work of Restart are:

  • provision of food and temporary shelter – important starting points in meeting basic needs but alone will not create transformational change;
  • any effective response to homelessness must address root causes (not just symptoms) by seeking to address mental health issues and promote positive well-being;
  • for many homeless men and women, long-term, sustainable employment is essential if they are to lead fulfilling, independent lives;
  • if effective impact is to be made, Restart must work collaboratively and strategically with other organisations determined to delivery dynamic change.

The charity supports “guests” (those with whom Restart work with) through a five-platformed REGAIN Programme which aims to help guests to regain their lives and progress towards employment and independent living. These five platforms provide:

  • a weekly drop-in at St. Columba’s Church (located in SW1X) for food, emergency aid, general support and a welcoming, non-judgmental community;
  • access to counselling, individual mentoring and a Pre-Employability Programme called TaskForce;
  • referrals into training, apprenticeships and employment;
  • support in accessing permanent housing; and
  • once a guest is in work and living in their home, an opportunity to volunteer at the weekly drop-in or else as a mentor.
How do Spring help Restart?

The team at Spring have a calendar of fun and challenging events planned that aim to raise money throughout the year, from sponsored walks to delicious bake sales. Not only can Spring help by fundraising for Restart, we can offer hands-on assistance at the drop-in centres, plus provide business mentoring and advice for Restart guests seeking employment. We love all the fantastic work Restart do and we look forward to sharing our journey and fundraising news via the Spring news pages and socials.