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We Buy Any House (Scotland)

Our principle of buying any house is not just limited to England. We buy any house in Scotland too. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Spring’s home buying service ensures a quick completion and all for the best prices. Selling a home can be difficult at the best of times but with Spring, it gets a lot easier.

How can Spring buy your house in Scotland?

Although we are primarily based in Croydon, London, we have a superb understanding of the property market in Scotland. This knowledge is one of the reasons why we can offer the best prices for your home.

Selling your home to a home-buying service such as Spring is not just about getting a good deal but also about getting a good deal quickly. We are a private property buyer and pay the proceeds of your home sale in cash, which means you need not worry about chains or the entire exchange falling through right at the end. We can offer you a great deal on your home and have the money in your account all within a timeframe to suit you and your onward move.

The process is simple - just enter your details and postcode on our homepage and we take care of the rest. A Spring property advisor will guide you through our process on how our We Buy Any House Scotland team can help you.

Spring offer a free no-obligation service that ensures our customers have the means and funds to move with certainty and on a date they choose, without the usual difficulty, buyers dropping out and let downs attached to selling a home the traditional way.

How do ‘we buy any home’ companies compare to other selling methods?

Visit our pricing page to see our comparison table on how a Spring sale compares to an estate agent sale and an auction sale.

Selling your home to a home-buying service like Spring, removes the pit falls often associated when selling your home through an estate agent. A Spring sale means that your home-sale is guaranteed and will not fall through at the last minute. You also get to complete your sale on a date of your choice – which ensures a smooth transition from one property to the next. It leaves you free to plan ahead and Spring even give you access to your property for up to 14days post completion to make your onward move at your own pace and timescale.


The FAQs can be added in the accordion style.

Will Spring buy my house regardless of condition?

Yes, we buy homes in any condition. If you have a rundown property, had a survey that has revealed any structural issues, or asbestos, then yes we can help you. Watch our Spring video to find out more about the types of properties we buy.

Can my house be bought if I am in arrears with my mortgage payments?

Yes it can. We understand the stress and anxiety you may be dealing with in this situation  and our caring and experienced team are on hand to help you find the right solution should you be facing repossession.

How will the value of my home be calculated?

The valuation of your standard home will be based on a remote review of your property by 2 of our experienced Property Buyers and 1-2 local estate agents along with an on-site visit by a surveyor from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. To find out more about the valuation of your property, take a look at our guide to how Spring works.

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