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Spring is the UK’s largest home buying service. With an extensive funding capability ensuring we do not have to rely on lenders or to secure mortgages, we are able to work with you to sell your house fast. As a cash buyer, we have over 15 years experience in buying homes throughout the UK and can complete on your sale in as little as seven days! Spring gives you back control, meaning you can sell your house fast in a simple, easy and stress-free process.

Sell Your House Fast with a Guaranteed Sale

There are several options for anyone looking to sell their house fast. While some choose the more traditional estate agent, others double up using multiple agencies to get an offer in more quickly.

While this can work, there is no guarantee that it will. Your property will be listed on the market, yes, but you will have no idea how long you will have to keep up your mortgage repayments, a potential buyer could pull out and break the chain. There are so many variables at play that a guaranteed sale may seem impossible.

Spring can offer you the guarantee you need.

Why Sell Your House Fast?

There are a number of reasons as to why home-owners want to quickly but the majority of them are to do with needing to secure funds in order to either address any financial difficulty or in order to be adequately prepared for the future.

If a loved one or a relative has passed away but has left their house to you in their will, you could find yourself having to manage two mortgages. Having another property to care for is not only physically exhausting but the costs can add up very quickly.


Being able to sell the house fast means that you are not only no longer burdened with the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance but you can also receive the proceeds in your account and put them towards your own finances.

Divorce is now one of the UK’s leading causes of debt right now with the average divorce costing in excess of £15,000. This money can be hard to come by at the best of times but you can secure the funds and also tackle the issue of dividing assets by selling your house fast.


If both divorcing parties are in agreement then both could be entitled to a share of the proceeds, taking care of current costs as well as providing a great opportunity to start fresh.


A broken property chain is almost always a possibility when dealing with multiple parties and can often cause significant delay to the home buying process. It happens all too often; your offer has been accepted and you are ready to begin the process of moving but then your initial buyer has had to drop out, seemingly putting an end to your move.


All is not lost though. By selling your house fast with a company such as Spring, you can ensure that you have a guaranteed buyer and completion date so you do not risk missing out on your dream home.

Having your property repossessed can have a long-lasting impact on your financial situation as well as make it more difficult for you to secure a mortgage further down the line. If you are in arrears with your mortgage repayments then the risk of repossession will be all too real. There is a way to nip this in the bud, however.


By contacting Spring, you can sell your house and acquire the funds needed to be financially secure for the foreseeable future without risking having your property repossessed.

Whether it is for work, to be closer to a family member or whatever reason, having to wait for your property to receive an offer can throw a spanner in the process of relocating. Much like a broken chain, finding a property that is ready to move in to can be difficult to get right, timing wise.


Guaranteeing a sale as a result of selling your property quickly takes away the time pressure and complications that are regularly involved in such a process.

In regards to the slightly more complex situation of short lease properties or other such legal affairs (neighbour disputes, planning permission etc.), you may want to avoid having to deal with getting involved in the litigious side of property ownership.


If this is your situation, you are able to not just sell your house quickly to a home buying agency, you can also pass the responsibilities over to them entirely, meaning you can carry on without a problem.

There is every chance that some people simply do not want to deal with the long and drawn out process of selling their property on the open market. Depending on the location, the state of the property or even the economic climate, selling a home can feel like it is taking forever.


Whether you have had your property on the market for a while or if it is a brand new listing, contacting a company to sell your house fast can cut the time down from a stressful and lengthy task to something that can be done in as little as seven days.


If your circumstances dictate the need to sell your home quickly, or if you simply want an easy and stress-free quick home sale, Spring can help. Our home buying service provides you with an effortless experience, there are no viewings, no timewasters, and no chains.

Tips to sell your house fast

Our most recent survey revealed that on average it took 8 and a half months to sell a property via an estate agent. This is a long time to sit around waiting to be picked and hoping your buyer doesn’t drop out or change their mind.

Here are a few tips to help improve your chances of selling your house quickly.

Keeping your home neat, tidy and presentable will help to improve your appeal. Little jobs can soon turn into large expensive jobs if regular maintenance is neglected.

Simply cutting the grass, weeding and trimming back overgrown bushes can allow vendors to see the outdoor space properly.

Cleaning the patio, painting fences or walls can make a significant difference.

Decluttering and organising a room can dramatically improve your chances of a quick home sale and don’t cost a penny.


If decluttering looks to be a difficult task, you may be interested in home-staging. There are a number of tutorials online on how to effectively stage a home ahead of selling, however there are also home-staging companies that can do it for you.

A fresh coat of paint not only makes your home look more appealing but can also increase market value providing it is done right. Repainting a room can also be an opportunity to rethink the overall style of your home.

Do a deep-dive on your cleaning. Make time to clean and tidy the house, with a particular kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Opening the windows and letting the fresh air inside; especially important if you have recently painted or have pets. You may well have gotten use to the smell of your four legged friend but it may be an instant turn-off for a potential buyer.

Replacing the bulbs in your property will keep all of your rooms fully lit. We would recommend replacing all of your bulbs (or at least all of the main ones) to keep a consistent brightness throughout the property.

To sell your house fast, we would recommend listing the property in the Spring. Estate agents agree that listing earlier in the year (March, for example) is the most effective way to get offers; the days are longer, the weather is nicer and the more light getting into your property the better. Naturally, winter can often be the least popular time as the dark evenings and cold wind can make even the most stunning of properties look dreary. There is also the issue that many potential vendors don’t like to move home over the festive period.

To find an estate agent that can help you to sell your house fast, you need to consider a number of factors. There are a whole range of agencies to choose from but not all of them can offer you a suitable service.

Are They Part Of An Official Organisation?

The first thing to check with an estate agent is legitimacy. Lower fees and fantastic guarantees are all very well but you risk a lot when you deal with an agency that isn’t affiliated to an official organisation (the National Association of Estate Agents, for example). As part of an organisation such as the NAEA, an estate agent has certain responsibilities and duties that they cannot forego, meaning that if they make you a guarantee, they have to stick to it.


As a homebuying company, we are different from estate agents, however we are still a part of the National Association of Property Buyers and have a number of other official affiliates such as the Assisted Sale Company and The Property Ombudsman.


Are they knowledgeable?

It is one thing to be able to say how much your property is worth but being able to explain why and what makes it stand out is another. Having an estate agent explain the stand out features and show their working as to how they reached their valuation is a sign that they know what they are talking about.


With Spring, we keep you in the loop from start to finish, explaining everything you want and need to know in plain English. No one likes hearing jargon being thrown around and getting confused; we take extra care to ensure that you are fully in the know about every detail of our process, what the valuation of your property is and how we came to that number. We also consult with external agencies and third-party associates to get the most accurate and fair results, including a survey at no extra cost to you from the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors.


The main advantage of using an estate agent is that they can save you time getting your house on the market and advertised. Think of all the elements involved in the process of marketing a property: the photos, the write up, the promotion, all jobs that can be taken care of by the professionals. You may also be glad to have an agent when it comes to the viewings, as they can show your buyers around any time of the day whilst you are at work.


Once you have accepted an offer, this is when an estate agent’s service really begins. Many agencies have a sales progressor and it’s their job to make sure your property sale goes smoothly and everyone in your chain is on board and progressing.


If you can afford the time, you may choose an online agency where you can do viewings yourself and pay a smaller fee. Going this route requires time, effort and energy as it all comes down to you to manage the entire sale process.


If time is limited, however, you will want to call on the services of Spring, a company that specialises in selling properties quickly and effectively.

How can Spring sell my house fast?

If you need to sell your house fast, Spring are on hand from the moment you contact us. As a Home Buying company, we are in a position to quickly buy your property which means you can have the funds in your account in as little as seven days. Here is the process:

The first thing you need to do is contact us. Our details can be found on our website and a member of our expert team will be able to provide you with all of the information and guidance you will need to get going.

Spring will go through our trusted process of appraising your property and giving you the most accurate market value we can.


Two of our experienced Property Buyers will review the property, followed by a maximum of two estate agents as well as an on-site visit from a surveyor (the surveyor will be from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). By getting multiple appraisals and valuations, we are able to give you the most accurate reading and provide the true market value of your home with far greater accuracy than a single reading would give.

Once the valuation and appraisal process is complete, you will then receive a formal offer (the final market value minus our Home Buying fee) and we will go through with our purchase. You will sell your house quickly to us and we will provide you with the funds from the sale.

You are under no obligation to go through with the quick home sale until the day of the exchange – you are free to decline our offer and are otherwise in complete control from start to finish.

Alternatives to our sell my house fast service

Customers can choose our trusted partner, The Assisted Sale Company (TASC), Assisted Sale Service. This product is best suited for people who have a mortgage in place on their home.

In an assisted sale, TASC will guarantee a sale price and, on the exchanging of contracts, immediately pay you a portion of the equity in your home. The Assisted Sale Company then take over the mortgage or any loans secured on your home, with permission from the lenders, paying all of your home’s bills while they market the property until it is sold. At which point, you can move onto your next home and continue without trouble.

Once they have sold the property, your mortgage will be paid in full and the sale is completed. In most cases this enables you to step away from the property with a cash lump sum without any additional costs or stress.


Yes, at Spring we value all houses at market value and simply charge a home buying fee for our service. Visit our pricing page to find out more.

Yes. For added peace of mind, all Spring customers are provided with the Spring Price Promise. We know price is important to you and so we promise that the price we pay will be fair, accurate and transparent. We are so confident in our final valuation, that if we re-sell your property for a higher price within 6 months, we’ll give you the difference. For more information on the Spring Price Promise click here.

As part of our ongoing customer care commitment to you, we also provide customers with Spring Secure. This gives you exclusive access your home for up to 14 days post completion to make your onward move safely and securely.

We can complete your home selling journey in as little as seven days, or on a timescale that suits your onward move. You are fully in control as you choose the completion date.

Our Home Buying fee includes legal fees, conveyance fees and everything else that you would have to pay when taking the traditional route of selling your house. The fee is based on a number of factors (value of property, how long we believe it will take to sell etc.) We aim for total transparency throughout the entire process and keep you updated and in the loop with every detail, especially the costs. Our Home Buying fee is the only payment that you would have to pay to Spring.


After we receive your details, one of our Property Advisors will call you within 24 hours to confirm details about your home and to explain our process if you choose to proceed. For more about selling your home to Spring see How it Works.

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