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Selling your house fast – how Spring can help. Spring in the UK’s largest home buying service with an extensive funding capability that ensures we do not rely on lenders or have to secure mortgages to buy properties. As a cash buyer, we have over 15 years experience in buying homes throughout the UK and can complete on your sale in as little as seven days if required. Spring gives you back control as we make selling your home a simple, easy and stress-free process. A Spring sale gives you greater freedom as you choose the completion date to suit your timescale and onward move.  

Quickly selling your home

  If your circumstances dictate the need to sell your home quickly, or if you simply want an easy and stress-free home sale, Spring can help. Our home buying service provides you with an effortless experience, there are no viewings, no timewasters, and no chains.  

Looking for a guaranteed cash offer

  Our friendly, caring, and knowledgeable team give you the time you need to discuss what solutions we can offer and what home buying service is right for you. If you choose to sell your house to Spring, you can rest assured that your dedicated property advisor will be with you every step of the way. For more information on our home buying services please click here.  

Assisted Sale

  This product is ideal for people who have a mortgage in place on their home. In an assisted sale, The Assisted Sale Company, our trusted and approved partner, will guarantee a sale price and immediately on exchanging contracts pay you, in cash, a portion of the equity in your home. The Assisted Sale Company then take over the mortgage and/or any loans secured on your home, with permission from your lender(s), and pay all your homes bills while they market the property until it is sold. You can then move onto your next home. Once they have sold the property, your mortgage will be paid in full and the sale is completed.   In most cases this enables you to step away from the property with a cash lump sum without any additional costs or stress.  

Open-market sales

  Once we have purchased your home, we take on all the risk of having to sell it on the open market. We worry about all the onward hassle of any structural problems or the need for home improvements, that is now our responsibility, not yours. That’s the beauty of selling your property to Spring, we remove the hassle and stress that a selling property can often bring, leaving your more time to focus on your life and what is important to you.  

Tips for selling your home quickly

  Our most recent survey revealed that on average it took 8 and a half months to sell a property via an estate agent. This is a long time to be sat around waiting to be picked and hoping your buyer doesn’t drop out or change their mind.   Here are a few hints to help improve your chances of selling a property in a shorter amount of time.  

General housekeeping

  Keeping your home neat, tidy and presentable will help improve its appeal. Little jobs can soon turn into large expensive jobs if regular maintenance is neglected.   There are a number of quick and easy ways you can improve the look and feel of a property:
  • Garden maintenance: simply cutting the grass, weeding and trimming back overgrown bushes can allow vendors to see the outdoor space properly.
  • External: cleaning the patio, painting fences or walls make a big difference.
  • Internal: de-cluttering and organising a room can dramatically improve your chances of a sale and don’t cost a penny.
  • Paint: a quick lick of paint is a cheap way to brighten and refresh any room.
  • Elbow grease: make time to clean and tidy the house, particularly the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
  • Pets: your dog, cat or other fury friends might not smell in your eyes, but to a potential homeowner, a smelly house can be a deal breaker. Clean up litter trays, bedding and any dog ‘mess’ in the garden.
  • Ventilate: open windows and let fresh air into the property
  • Light: replace old bulbs so you have light in every room during viewings


  Spring is the best time of year to put your house on the market according to most estate agents. Winter can often be the least popular time as many potential vendors don’t like to move home over the festive period.  

Finding a trusted agency

  Once the decision has been made to move, the first professional most people choose to seek in an estate agent. There are many high street and online agencies now, consumers are spoilt for choice, but what makes a good agent, how do you choose and what should you look out for?   The main advantage of using an estate agent is that they can save you time getting your house on the market and advertised. Think of all the elements involved in the process of marketing a property: the photos, the write up, the promotion, they can soon earn their fee if you’re short on time. You may also be glad to have an agent when it comes to the viewings, as they can show your buyers around any time of the day whilst you are at work. Just remember viewings must now follow strict social distancing guidelines, so make sure you follow the rules to ensure yours, the agents and homeowners safety.   This is all before you’ve got an offer. Once you have accepted an offer, this is when estate agents service should really begin. Many agencies have a sales progressor and its their job to make sure your property sale goes smoothly and everyone in your chain is on board and progressing. So, before you dismiss estate agents, its important to think about what you need and want from their service.   If time is abundant, then you may choose an online agency where you can do viewings yourself and pay a smaller fee. But be aware, choosing this self-serve option requires time, effort and energy as its all down to you to manage the rest of the sale process. If time is a commodity, then choose carefully what you want and need from an agent.  

So why Choose Spring?

  Life has become more automated, convenient, and simple thanks to advancements in technology we now all enjoy. We have come to expect next day delivery, on-demand services and customer centric companies, but why has automation not yet reached the property industry? Why is it still such a long, tedious, and unreliable process when it comes to selling your home?  Is there an alternative?   Yes, there is. Welcome to Spring. We are revolutionising the way you sell your home. We make selling a home simple, easy and convenient. Unlike an estate agent, Spring buys your home. We put you back in control of your home sale, giving you the freedom to choose a completion date and move on your timescale. There are no hidden fees, no legal costs, its one simple all-inclusive transaction that allows you to know what price you will get for your home and when.   Selling with Spring is effortless, empowering and easy.  

So what are you waiting for? Spring, make your move.



Can I fast-sell my house for market value?

Yes, at Spring we value all houses at market value and simply charge a home buying fee for our service. Visit our pricing page to find out more.

Do Spring offer a guarantee?

Yes. For added peace of mind, all Spring customers are provided with the Spring Price Promise. We know price is important to you and so we promise that the price we pay will be fair, accurate and transparent. We are so confident in our final valuation, that if we re-sell your property for a higher price within 6 months, we’ll give you the difference. For more information on the Spring Price Promise click here. As part of our ongoing customer care commitment to you, we also provide customers with Spring Secure. This gives you exclusive access your home for up to 14 days post completion to make your onward move safely and securely.

How long does a fast-sell house take?

We can complete your home buying journey in as little as seven days, or on a timescale that suits your onward move. You are fully in control as you choose the completion date.

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