Following in the footsteps of home-makeover shows and lifestyle gurus, the interest in “home-staging” ahead of selling a property is now more popular than ever, with Google searches seeing a year on year increase of 135%!

Spring have looked at ways to add value to your home before; tasks such as improving the “kerb-appeal”, adding a new layer of paint and even just keeping the bins out of view can all go a long way in pushing up the price of your property before you sell. But it is the rise of home-staging that appears to be taking the country by storm.

Home-staging is the growing trend of showcasing your property in the best possible light and in a way designed to appeal to buyers: interior styling and decorating with the aim of creating an impersonal yet stylish appearance. The meteoric rise of lifestyle bloggers like Mrs Hinch has helped millions around the world discover the art of turning your property into a clean, clutter-free and fully optimised show-home, ready for viewings and offers.

The basic principle of it is to create the chance for buyers to see a blank canvas in a home that is already lived in. For example, things such as family photos, fridge magnets and other personal touches may not seem like significant add-ons to a home but for a potential buyer, they can stand out very clearly and can offer something of a distraction and can pose a problem when it comes to selling down the line.

According to the HSA, Home Staging Association, staged homes can - on average - increase your number of viewings by 71%. Furthermore, properties listed pre-lockdown were on the market for 277 days before staging; afterwards, the same property took just 28 days for an offer to be made.

But in regards to increasing the value and getting a more lucrative offer, the HSA has seen that staging can increase the value approximately 75% of the time.

While there are services available that stage your home for you ahead of photographers coming, more and more people are taking on the challenge themselves, which is of course part of the reason why search interest has seen such a dramatic increase, as lockdown is providing people with the chance to spread their creativity and discover their inner interior designer.

As we have mentioned before, there are a number of quick-wins that you can carry out over a weekend in order to increase the value of your property but to really make a difference both in terms of offer value and the speed of sale, home staging may be an option for you.

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