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Now’s The Time for Change

After 16 years of successful trading, we could have kept doing the same thing. Instead, we looked hard at the challenges faced by home sellers and saw that to truly solve their problems, to carry on being successful, it was time for a change.

National Property Trade is now Spring.  Press play to see why (turn the sound up!).

A Spring in our Step

The name Spring expresses growth, positivity and fresh starts.

It also means a real difference is happening in our business. We’re focussing on giving clients the freedom to move on with their lives – and we’ve modernised our business model to make this happen, revolutionising the way homes are sold in the UK.


What’s Changed

We’ve always cared for our customers, but now we’ve made sure they really drive how we do business.

  • We’re putting customers at the heart of the company
    • Conducting regular surveys to understand the needs and pain points of home sellers.
    • Adding more opportunities for customers to provide feedback - to listen better and make subsequent changes.
  • We’re reducing effort
    • Message centre for a single location for documents and offers.
    • Single, dedicated Property Advisor helping throughout the process.
    • For most customers only one on-site home visit (by a RICS surveyor),  especially important during this time when security and health are paramount.
    • 14 days for all customers to access their property after completion to make their onward move easier.
  • We’re providing better and more transparent pricing
    • Expressing our pricing as an itemised home buying fee to make it really simple to understand why our offer is what it is.
    • Paying more for properties.
    • Faster offers – most customers will receive an offer within 48 hours.
    • Fewer offer changes via a more simplified and accurate process – now we strive to give just one transparent offer to most customers.
    • Our Spring Price Promise – a first for our industry – if we resell a customer's property for more than their valuation, we’ll pay them the difference.


What Hasn't Changed

Our commitment to providing an efficient, excellent bespoke service for our clients - be they individuals or companies.


Making Our Move

It is an exciting time for Spring, summed up in our new brand strapline ‘make your move’. It’s a motivating call for us and a liberating promise for our clients. We look forward to doing business with you and wish you well.

Cormac Henderson - Founder CEO
Shane Miller-Bourke - Founder CIO
Samar Shaheryar - COO

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