Let’s face it, owning a property isn’t cheap. Add in the cost-of-living crisis, spiralling inflation, and balance-busting mortgage rates, knowing where and when you could save money, especially if you’ve only just got the keys to a property, could be a game changer.

With the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealing that nearly 4 in 10 adults* (39%) who pay energy bills find it ‘very or somewhat difficult to afford them’, finding ways to cut costs in the home could play a key role in making bills more manageable.

But what if you could save money, PLUS save the planet AND boost your home’s energy efficiency rating all at the same time? Sounds good, we think so to.

Whether you have just moved in, or considering works to an existing property, Spring have put together an exclusive Environmental Performance Certificate (EPC) guide, that highlights which home improvements can boost your EPC rating, as well as make the biggest difference to your purse, and in turn the planet.

There’s something for every pocket; from low-cost DIY fixes that will immediately save you money and boost your EPC by a few points, to the more costly investments that could bump up an EPC by several ratings and save you thousands of pounds long term. Whatever your bank balance, the guide gives you the full lowdown on EPC’s and what it takes to make your home a cheaper and greener place to live.

Read the full EPC guide by simply clicking on the image below:

* ONS data 1st Dec 2023

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