When selling your home, you are faced with stiff competition, and so every little thing you can do to attract a prospective buyer to your home is paramount. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money, but even if you are looking for a quick home sale it is a good idea to carry out essential repairs before selling. Start from the outside and work your way in, checking that everything functions as it should and make a note of any odd jobs or repairs that need doing. It is also a good idea to ask a friend or relative to come and look over everything with you as their outside eye may catch something that you could easily dismiss.

Check all of the handles, locks, bolts and hinges on the front door for example. Even changing some corroded screws in the hinge plates or letterbox etc. is inexpensive and can make a huge difference without you realising, and it doesn’t take long to do. Then give your front door a new lease of life with an interesting colour that sets it off nicely against the rest of the exterior.

When you have prospective purchasers viewing your home, you want them to be concerned with visualising themselves in your home, not making a mental list of all the repairs that need doing so by eradicating as many things as possible, even though they may seem pointless can really make a difference to whether your property sells quickly or not. Arrange to get moss cleaned off the roof and drain pipes and gutters, and check for any obvious leaks or cracks in pipework. It doesn’t need a professional to clear debris from gutters, a good pair of ladders and someone to help is all you need and an hour of your time.

As well as giving the inside a clean lick of paint, don’t forget to fill any holes or cracks in the walls. A little of your time and some filler can make a significant difference to the appearance of the walls and ceilings. Take your time, and ensure you sand the filler once it has dried to get a smooth finish. You’ll be surprised what you can do yourself without the expense of calling in a professional.

Smells are really important when looking to sell your home, particularly when you have people viewing your property. One of the first things people notice is the smell of your home, so make sure you don’t smoke in your home and try and get someone nearby to look after any pets you may have for a day or two. Give your bathroom and kitchen a good bleach and consider re-grouting your tiles. It’s easier than it sounds and cost next to nothing, enabling you to sell your house with ease, free of mould, mildew or bacteria.

Check the toilet and consider replacing the seat if it looks worn as well as where it is bolted to the floor. Corroded bolts could be a sign that the toilet needs re-installing and a new buyer may be put off by things like this. Don’t forget to check all the seals at the same time, and also dripping taps or mould around the base of the tap. Also, check your taps in the kitchen and repair any seals around the taps, sink or worktop. It is also a good idea to freshen up cabinet surfaces otherwise your kitchen could appear tiresome and unkempt.

by Cormac Henderson

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