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Are you thinking of selling your house in East Sussex or the areas around it? If so, do you have any plan as to how you are going to earn real money from your property? If not then worry not. We have ideas that will see you dispose of your property in the next seven days leaving you smiling all the way to the bank. When it comes to property selling, the first thing that always comes to the minds of many people is hiring a real estate agent. It is not bad to hire one. However, there are times that you simply do not have the money to pay one. You would not want to sell your house only for you to lose a considerable amount to an agent. In that case, we provide you with a few tips as to how you can see off your property in the list time possible. Below are some of them:

Research the East Sussex Market

Before selling your house, research on a few things about the market you are targeting. What are the people in East Sussex like? What price could you quote for any person without fear that he will walk away? Get the listings and the price suggestions from different agents. Thing is, the amount you want to sell your house does not necessarily mean that it is worth that much. Conduct research first.

Keep the facts in mind

When selling your house, do not ignore the facts of the given area. For instance, in East Sussex, the best time to sell your property is during the spring or the summer season. The people around this area get fussier during these seasons and unless you are in a hurry to sell your property, it is wise that you wait up for these times or you will be frustrated.

Promote your house

The people of East Sussex will not be able to tell that you are selling your property unless you promote it well. Use the online platform. Many people in the areas around East Sussex spend their time mostly on social media and this can be a channel for you to let them know about your house. Talk to people including your friends. When word goes out, sooner than you know your phone will be ringing. You never know what a distant relative or a friend’s friend may be looking for if you do not spread the word.


Like any other place, a buyer in East Sussex would prefer to buy a clean house as compared to one that has many personalized settings. Before you put your house to the market, be sure to remove all the details that may seem to indicate the house is yours. This will give you an upper hand when it comes to the actual selling.


You do not have to hire an expensive real estate agent while in East Sussex if you want to sell your house fast. While it is also an option worth considering, the agents charge exorbitant amounts that may leave you will little profit. Following the steps above is one of the ways through which you can sell your house faster in the area.

After we receive your details, one of our Property Advisors will call you within 24 hours to confirm details about your home and to explain our process if you choose to proceed. For more about selling your home to Spring view our FAQS

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