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Spring is continuation of the vision of Cormac Henderson, the founder of the one the UK’s original house buying com...

The property market continues to be fiercely competitive as demand heavily outweighs supply. With an average of 13 buyers for every property listed, this means tough competition to even get through the door for a viewing. So, what can you do as a buyer to make yourself more attractive to sellers? Well, according to Rightmove, transforming yourself into a ‘power-buyer’ is the answer.

What is a power-buyer?

It’s not turning up for viewings dressed as a superhero, it’s all about getting yourself in the best position. Power-buyers have already secured a buyer on their own property, are chain-free, or don’t have a property to sell.

What are the benefits of being a power-buyer?

Sellers are far more likely to accept an offer from a power-buyer who isn’t reliant on a chain and is able to move quickly.

What defines a power-buyer?

  • Being chain free

Most sellers won’t agree to viewings unless a buyer is under offer, so first and foremost power-buyers have sold their home. Ideally, you should have exchanged contracts, or a step further, is to sell up and move into rented accommodation short term.

  • Being prepared

Preparation is key for power-buyers, so having your mortgage confirmed and proof of funds for any deposit required is essential.

  • Being vocal

Cash is king, so tell local agents that you are a power-buyer with money in the bank. Call agents regularly so you remain front of mind if a house comes on the market that fits your criteria.

  • Being realistic

With demand so high, when making an offer on a property, power-buyers avoid asking for too many concessions, sellers can afford to be picky and won’t appreciate diva-demands.

Want to become a power-buyer?

If you want to get ahead of the competition and become a power-buyer, Spring can help.

With no cape in sight, just simple straightforward home selling, Spring will buy your home in as little as 14 days, transforming you into a desirable power-buyer. No waiting, no uncertainty, and no hassle.

To book in a free no-obligation consultation with our friendly team, call us on 020 3966 9345 and let’s get you moving.

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