If you are looking to sell your property quickly, you may be considering making some improvements in order to add a little value or make it easier to sell. There are many ways to achieve both, without needing to spend excessive amounts of money, but you need to be selective over what you choose to do and prioritise to get the best possible outcome. A little money of the cosmetics of your home, for example, can really go a long way, and make it much more attractive to potential buyers. This doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul and refurbishment, but having a spring clean, clearing away clutter and neatening up the garden can be the difference between a sale and someone walking away.

Don’t try and sell an empty property. If your furnishings aren’t in the home you’re looking to sell or perhaps you have already moved out, try and arrange to have a few items of furniture placed in the property. Not only does this give a better idea of space, but it also helps anyone viewing to visualise themselves in the property which can help sell it quicker.

If you discover that your property has many structural defects, you may be wondering whether or not to fix them before you sell or not. This can be a tough decision as sometimes a small investment can pay dividends but if you are looking for a quick property sale then selling the property as it is could be the better option. Most properties have some form of defects, some better hidden than others but any that are discovered by the buyer or through the survey are highly likely to put off any potential buyers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if a buyer can’t see a defect they won’t find it, as the conveyancing process is likely to pick up any problems quite quickly.

So it is obviously important to deal with essential property issues you may have, however you need to weigh up the cost of repairs with a view to gaining a higher selling price or saving the costs of bills and selling quickly. Consider your circumstances and all of the possible options before you decide. In some cases the potential purchaser may need a larger mortgage to fund any repairs and this is not always possible which could put many buyers off, however if you just need to sell your property as quickly as possible and a prospective buyer has the capital to carry out essential repairs then it could go in your favour.

If the extent of the repairs to your property are quite large and are estimated to cost a lot of money, you may be considering selling your home to prevent the risk of repossession or downsizing to help free some capital. In which case it may be a better alternative to refrain from investing in improving your home prior to selling, but obviously anything you are able to do can help significantly.

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