As we age, it’s sensible to consider if where we live still meets our day-to-day needs, especially as we enter retirement. Moving in our ‘golden years’ can potentially free up equity tied up in a property, be closer to family, or to simply live somewhere smaller and more manageable.

Moving at any time of life is stressful, it’s always in the top 10 most stressful things to do, so with record property transactions occurring over the last couple of years, with that sadly comes an increase in sales falling through. With an estimated 1 in 3 property sales collapsing, this chain break scenario was on one that Alan and his wife Dot found themselves in after their buyer dropped out and they needed a hassle-free alternative to get their move back on track.

Moving to be nearer family

The couple had lived happily in their semi-detached property in Haslemere Surrey for the past 5 years, but as they are now in their 80’s, they felt a bungalow would be more manageable. “We found a lovely bungalow in Hindhead that suited us perfectly, and it wasn’t too far from our son and grandchildren who are aged 12 and 14”, said Alan. Alan and Dot’s Haslemere home had been on the market with a local estate agent, all had gone well, and they had found a buyer. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, their buyer pulled out and sadly they were back to square one. “We were really disappointed when the agent told us our buyer had pulled out, we’d already found our new bungalow and just wanted to get the move over and done with”, explained Alan.

Looking at the alternatives

Alan began to look at other options on how they could sell their home without having to start the whole process again and decided to contact Spring following research on Trustpilot and “I liked the idea that Spring could buy our home rather than have to put it back on the market, it looked a simple and quick process which was appealing to me”. Marcus Dumbili was Alan’s dedicated property advisor at Spring, “Marcus was really helpful and was my single point of contact throughout and kept me updated by phone and email along the way.”

Extra time to get the new house ready

With their sale guaranteed to complete with Spring, Alan and Dot were able to plan their move into their new home and decide what renovations needed tackling first. The bungalow needed a new kitchen and knowing their sale would not fall through, they ordered a new kitchen and planned for it to be installed when they got the keys. “Getting the kitchen sorted was essential for us and we were only able to do this thanks to Spring allowing us to remain in our Haslemere home for 2 weeks after completion. This extra time meant that we didn’t have to live on a building site whilst the new kitchen was being fitted and we only moved in when it was all finished,” said Alan.

Home sweet home

Alan and Dot have now moved into their new Hindhead home and are enjoying bungalow living. “The move wasn’t stressful, and it all went to plan. Spring offer a good all-round service and I’m particularly impressed with the flexible access after completion.” All the Spring team which Alan and Dot every happiness in their new home.

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