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What is ground rent – and how could it affect you?

Posted on: 24 Nov 2020

For those who are buying a property, the concept of paying rent to someone may seem a little alien. After all: rent is something that you usually pay to a landlord, and for a homeowner the main burden is the mortgage. However, it’s actually a little more complex than it seems. While the main financial burden on […]

Spring Virtual Roundtable; the impact of Covid-19 and the future of the later-living sector

Posted on: 31 Oct 2020

Spring CEO Cormac Henderson chaired the discussion and was joined by Carsten Swift – client manager at Riverstone; Gary Langford – regional sales manager at Audley; Kelly Stillman – head of national part-ex at McCarthy & Stone, and Simon Dickinson – sales & brand director at Signature Senior Lifestyle. Here are some of the key […]

Retirement – planning for your future

Posted on: 27 Oct 2020

When can I retire? In theory, whenever you want. There is no legal age for retirement but the government won’t pay a State Pension till you reach the age of 65. The State Pension age is currently under review and changes are being implemented depending on when you where born. A handy tool is available […]

How to choose the right type of retirement property

Posted on: 26 Oct 2020

Retirement home or retirement village? There are varying types of retirement properties available with differing level of price, facilities, and care. Choosing the right type of property is very important and should be considered with great care. UK retirement properties can be generally categorised as either a retirement home or a retirement village. A retirement […]

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