Following the stress of trying to sell their home during the height of the pandemic and experiencing numerous let downs, Phil and Deb came to Spring to fix their broken chain so they didn’t lose their new home. The couple needed a guaranteed solution to get their home sold and keep their move on track. 

Deciding to downsize

The couple took the decision to sell and downsize their spacious detached family home of 20 years in Lincolnshire, to move to a small, picturesque village in Essex. “We wanted to move to be nearer to our daughter and our Grandson in Essex so we could get more quality family time together”, said Phil.   Towards the end of 2020, Phil and Deb accepted an offer on their Lincolnshire home from prospective buyers who wanted to convert their 4-bedroom property into a residential children’s home. Due to the properties ‘change of use’, the potential buyers needed to make a planning application to the local council to get permission for the change before proceeding.  “It was a nerve wracking few months waiting for the local council to make their decision. Eventually they notified us of their decision, and it was refused.  The refusal meant our buyer pulled out, so our chain broke down and we faced losing our new home in Essex as a result”, explained Phil.   After speaking to a close friend about their tricky situation, she suggested that they contact Spring following an advert she had seen highlighting the speed of a Spring move, with the appealing backup of the Spring Price Promise guarantee. 

Finding the right solution

Phil and Deb did their research and due diligence, spending time looking at the Spring website and reading company reviews on Trustpilot. They both agreed it was the ideal solution for their situation and decided to contact Spring to start their home buying journey. 

Dedicated support

Phil’s dedicated Spring Property Advisor, Sharon, helped him through every step of the process. “Sharon was an absolute diamond. She understood we needed support and was open and honest throughout.”  From initial telephone conversation with Sharon, receiving their offers, right through to the purchase of the property, took a total of 27 days. This quick and efficient turnaround provided Phil and Deb with the timeline, speed, and certainty they needed. “I would 100% recommend Spring, although this option isn’t for everyone, the quick move, the honesty and openness worked exactly right for us. Can't beat it!”, said Phil. 

Reassurance thanks to the Spring Price Promise

Following on from their successful Spring sale, the couple will also receive an additional £10k payment following the onward sale of their home thanks to the Spring Price Promise.  We are delighted that Phil and Deb are now happily settled into their new home enjoying their new jobs and are loving the extra quality time they’re able to spend with their daughter and grandson.  If you need to sell your house fast, or fix a broken chain to get your sale back on track, contact us today to see how we can help you make your next move thanks to our we buy any house service.

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