Following a sale falling through, Ricky and his wife from Taunton in Somerset, came to Spring to help rescue their home move and keep their relocation plans on track. After suffering the misery of a broken chain and faced with the uncertainty of selling on the open market, they needed a sale with a guaranteed completion date to allow them to be in the best position possible to secure their dream home. 

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'From our initial contact we received a quick offer for our house that was reasonable and fair’, said Ricky.

Spring was able to provide the ideal solution Ricky and his wife needed so they could carry out their exciting semi-retirement plans. Their plan to relocate to a smaller property and free up some equity in their home, was just the start of the next chapter in their life. Having lived away from their family, including 4 children for many years, they had made the decision to relocate to be nearer to them and spend more time together. 

Plans halted

After being plagued with delays and a buyer falling through, the dream to move to their new home was in jeopardy. Deciding to sell their idyllic home with picturesque gardens, was a difficult decision to make and the uncertainty and worry of another buyer failing to complete, made it a challenging situation to be in. The couple decided to take the property off the open market at Christmas, to take some time to think about their next step.  

Spring stood out from competitors

After speaking with colleagues and friends, Ricky decided to look at the other options for selling his home. “I came across Spring and I instantly found that the website felt relatable and the history and ethos of the company, stood out above the competitors”. 

As soon as Ricky contacted Spring to enquire about selling his home, his dedicated Property Advisor, Marcus, was there to help and guide him through each step of his property sale journey.  ‘We didn’t want to lose our new home and when we found Spring, it was the solution we needed to keep the move on track. Having a single point of contact at Spring was excellent as they were always available and prompt with answering all concerns’, said Ricky. “Spring completed and exchanged on the day they said they would which really was a huge benefit for us”.  

Spring Secure

When the couple moved out of their 4-bed detached property, they were given a helping hand  thanks to ‘Spring Secure’. This feature gives Spring customers free access to their property for up to 14 days post completion to help ease the stress and upheaval a big move can bringRicky added,after our sale had completed and exchanged Spring let us have additional time to pack and move out of our house which made the whole removal process very smooth and stress free”. 

Spring Price Promise

In addition to Spring Secure, Ricky and his wife also benefited from the Spring Price Promise. “Spring included an additional payment to the seller after the sale of the house”, Ricky added, demonstrating Spring’s promise of trust and transparent pricing “Spring have delivered on all the points they claim to deliver. Thankyou”. 

All the team at Spring wish Ricky and his wife every happiness in their new home If you need to sell your house fast, or fix a broken chain to get your sale back on track, contact us today to see how we can help you make your next move thanks to our we buy any house service.

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